Friday, February 18, 2011

We're Motivated

It’s Friday once again and I have been reading about every elses travels. Rick and Paulette are in the desert enjoying the nice warm sun; Loree is also in the desert; Al and Kelly are in Arizona contemplating becoming ranch owners and enjoying the sun; Sassy is also in Arizona; John and Carol are kayaking down the Silver River; Bob and Jo are having a great time in Phoenix at the RV Show; Al and Karen are kayaking the Hillsborough River; Donnie and Pidge are having a great time down in the Texas Hill country; Judy is working and exploring in Wet Pine Savannah; Connie and Tracy are in Tualatin, OR looking for temp work; Margie and Roger and Carolyn are Florida soaking up the sun.

We’re so jealous. Really, reading about everyone else’s travels is what keeps us motivated. That means this weekend we are going to take full advantage of the great warm weather and get off our very large butts and get some things done.

Thanks for the motivation everyone.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise