Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still packing STUFF

The weather went from snow covered ground to sixty degrees almost overnight. Yesterday it was seventy-four degrees here. This warmer weather has got us picking up the pace once again.

We've packed and moved more boxes out to the RV garage. Last night we loaded all the Christmas stuff from the garage sale garage into boxes and put it into the truck so we can take it to the local charity thrift store. We now have a large area to display more garage sale items. People always tell us that we have the most organized garage sale and that it is displayed well. Heck yeah, we’ve pros. We’ve been having garage sales for two years now! Looks like we might be having garage sales again real soon, if the weather continues like today.

While packing STUFF we ran across an old laptop. We bought it many years ago and used it until a couple of years ago. It crashed after catching a nasty virus. We bought another laptop and stuck that one in the closet and forgot about it.

I talked to a good friend that’s in the IT business. I asked if it would be possible to use it just for my photography stuff. She told me she would wipe it clean and set it up with all my photo programs and I would be good to go.

This is great news for me. I need a computer dedicated to photos and nothing else. I take a lot of pictures. I can spend hours in front of the computer cropping and sorting pictures.

Anyway, we’ve been busy and hope to stay that way until we get all this STUFF packed up and into storage. Then we will have to sale the house and the car.

We’re getting there, slowly but surely!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise