Monday, February 7, 2011

Welcome New Followers

WOW! 105 followers! That is impressive. We’re always excited to see new people joining our followers list.

This blog isn’t very exciting to read at this moment. Our lives are pretty boring as we are not on the road yet.

We have spent the last few years researching and getting our lives in order so that we can take the BIG plunge at start our fulltiming adventure in the near future. We’re not sure when that will be yet. We still have some packing to do and we need to have a few more garage sales and we have to sell the car and the house. That seems like a lot but it isn’t compared to what we’ve already done.

The other day Dawn said she was curious how we’re going to feel once we get it all done.

That really got me to wondering. How will we react when it’s all done? Will we experience a temporary state of shock? Will we collapse and feel sudden numbness? Will we be overcome with pure excitement and be jumping for joy?

It doesn’t matter! We will deal with it. What matters, is that we’ll be done with that chapter of our lives and will be moving on to the next.

So maybe in the not so far future, our blog post will be filled with tales and pictures of interesting places.

Travel Safe
Dawn and Denise