Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Someone to Look After Us

Dawn and I always have a good time no matter what we are doing. Neither of us takes ourselves very seriously and that’s a good thing! We’re easily amused and the amusement usually comes from our own day to day comings and goings. We don’t have any problem laughing at ourselves when we make a mistake and let’s just say we laugh a lot!

I’ll give you a few examples; Recently Dawn called me very upset. She had been in the local super Wal-Mart buying groceries and as she was walking in the parking lot she begin to panic. Where is the car? She looked everywhere, it was gone. It was not where she parked it. She pushed the shopping cart of groceries up and down the aisles of the parking lot for over twenty minutes and couldn’t find it. She suddenly felt sick and people were starting to stare at her. Dawn knows that parking lot well. She and a friend meet at Wal-Mart almost every morning to walk inside the store in the winter months. I told her to hang on, I was on my way, I hung up the phone and got into the truck and my phone rang again. It was Dawn. She found the missing car. She had parked at the end of the store this afternoon when she returned for grocery shopping and had forgotten. She had been looking in the area she had parked earlier in the day when she had gone for her walk. All is well; we laughed.

The other night I was in the kitchen dipping some pretzels in chocolate and opened the dry good drawer in the island to look for something and ran across an open package of refrigerated cookie dough. I can tell you exactly who put that cookie dough into the drawer, ME. I’m the one that always makes the cookies. It must have been in that drawer for at least a few weeks. I asked Dawn if she thought cookie dough left in a drawer for a few weeks might still be good and she laughed and said we should throw it out. Needless to say it was thrown out. I must tell you that the dry good drawer is across the aisle from the refrigerator. We laughed and went about dipping the pretzels.

Back last summer Dawn went to the grocery store and bought a cart full of groceries and started to put them in the car when she noticed some things in the back seat that didn’t belong to us. She looked in the front seat and realized she had the wrong car. She paused for a second and looked around to see if anyone saw her and then proceeded to find her car. We laughed.

Recently when it had snowed, we had a few slick places around the exterior of our house. Every time we went outside I would remind Dawn to be careful walking on the slick snow and ice. She told me she was aware of the slick places and that I should watch myself. I assured her I’m always careful. We made it in and out of the house without incident all weekend. On Monday afternoon Dawn needed something out of the car and I told her to stay put, I would retrieve it because she would slip and fall. I stepped out of the house and got almost to the car when down I went. Luckily it was a slow fall and I didn’t hurt anything. We laughed.

Every night before I go to bed, I have to take an antihistamine and an antacid. It’s hell to get old! Anyway, back a few weeks ago I was talking to Dawn as I was taking my night time meds and didn’t realize until I had already swallowed them that I had actually taken a Benadryl and my antihistamine. Needless to say, I slept really well that night!

Dawn mentioned that we might need to start interviewing people right away in order to find someone to look after us before we do some real damage!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise