Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On The Move

On Sunday we decided we would leave Alberta Creek CG Tuesday morning and travel north towards Oklahoma City.

We did have the Alberta Creek campground all to ourselves but the campground didn’t have much to offer. We had fifty amp electric and water. The park is shore side to Texoma Lake but being on the water isn’t all that important to us. The campground is small and the roads and sites are rock.

We pulled out of Alberta Creek Campground this morning a little after 10 and arrived in Oklahoma City a little after 2. We were starving. Once we got set up, we were heading out in search of lunch. We drove for almost half an hour before we found a restaurant. We had lunch at 4 p.m.

We felt so much better after having lunch/dinner. The problem we encountered was we were so busy looking for some place that we didn’t pay much attention to how we got there. That’s right! We were lost!

We found a Wal-Mart as we were driving around trying to find our way back, so we stopped in to grab a few things.  After our short shopping trip, we again returned to the road to find our way home. Luckily, we have friends that live in the area. One phone call and they gave us directions and got us headed in the right direction.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise


  1. While in the OKC area, if you want a free place to stay, try Lucky Star Casino near El Reno. Free full hooks for as long as you want AND $10.00 slot vouchers a couple of days a week. Can't beat the deal.

  2. sounds like you had a great travel day till you got lost..lol personally I am thankful for GPS and the hubby I tend to get lost in a phone booth and have a terrible sense of direction...glad to see your safe and sound..

  3. Getting lost in a place you arent' familiar with is soooo easy! Glad you found your way back to the rig!! Enjoy your stay in Oklahoma City!!

  4. Glad you didn't stay lost for long! :) Enjoy your time in OKC. We spent a couple of days there last year. It was our first "real" stop as fulltimers!