Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crab Legs and Prime Rib

Today was a busy day. We had breakfast and then took the dogs to a dog park. They were so excited to see a dog park. They ran around and visited thru the fence with the large dogs. We hung around the park until the kids looked like they were pooped.

We loaded them up in the truck and took them back home for a nap. They were worn out.
Dawn and I took care of a few house keeping things, made a few phone calls and changed into clean duds. We drove over to Remington Park Casino. Tonight is all you can eat crab legs and prime rib night at the buffet for $16.99. We arrived at the casino about 3:00 and played the penny machines for a few minutes before the 4:00 buffet started. We were eating dinner early because we didn’t have time for lunch today.

We sat down at a couple of penny slots to play while we waited for the buffet service to begin. We both took twenty dollars to play on. I played the slot machine for a few minutes and then started to hit. Next thing we knew I had won $122.75. WOW! I just couldn’t believe it. Dawn broke even so she was happy.

We left the casino a little after 5:00.  We had $100.00 in our pocket for dinner and penny slots. We left after two hours, played penny slots for thirty minutes and had a wonderful dinner of all you could eat crab legs and prime rib and left the casino with $124.00. That mean dinner was FREE!!!!!!

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise