Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Round Barn!

Yesterday was a busy day for us. We started the day off busy around the fiver. Dawn made cinnamon muffins for breakfast. While she was preparing the muffins, I was outside hosing off our interior door entry rug. When I finished cleaning it, I hung it on the tailgate to dry. I just laid it across the tailgate when Dawn called me in for breakfast. The muffins were delicious.

After breakfast we decided to run a few errands. We ran by the post office and stopped off at Target. I noticed the tailgate was down when we were getting out of the truck, Oh No, the rug is gone! I forgot all about the rug!!!! We’ve just driven all over town. There is not much telling where that rug blew off. Dawn just shook her head laughed.
While in Target, Dawn found a great deal on a light weight full size blanket for $3.49. We found the clearance section! We love a great deal!!!!

We stopped by the post office and by that time it was lunch. We noticed a Souper Salad.  We had a great lunch and then drove out to Arcadia to see the historic “Round Barn”.  Our Oklahoma City friends had recommended we take time to drive out and take a look at it.
We are so glad we drove out there. The historic Round Barn is beautiful.  It’s located in Arcadia, OK on Route 66. 

The first floor houses a gift shop and plenty of historic information on the barn.

The upstairs area is the where the real beauty of the round barn is. The ceiling looks like a giant basket that has turned upside down over your head. Pictures don’t do this ceiling justice. I have never seen anything so beautiful and so very interesting.

We also stopped by Pops. This is also a Route 66 landmark. It’s a gas station, cafĂ© and store all in one. That’s not what makes them so interesting. The interesting part is they sell over 500 different flavors of bottles sodas.  

You can mix and match cardboard soda holders. It is a different kind of place. They have a 66 foot tall LED pop bottle in front of the store.

We met our friend Beccy for a Taco Bueno. That happens to be Beccy’s favorite. We had a good visit and Dawn and I made it home about dark-thirty.
Guess What? I found the rug on side of the road. Thats right! it was laying on the side of the road just outside the entrance of the RV Park. I had to re-wash it.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise