Sunday, September 18, 2011

Touring Oklahoma City with Friends

Yesterday was a great day. We met our friends Beccy and Donna for breakfast. Afterwards we rode with them to a Kayak store. They’ve been looking at kayaks and found one that they are very interested in. This store will take the kayak to the river and let you test drive it. We looked over a few kayaks and the salesman loaded it up and we followed him to the river for a test drive. First of all he gave us a short course in proper paddling and steering.

Donna and Beccy took turns test driving the kayak. It was very windy out but I suppose that is a good time to check one out.
After the kayak test drive the girls took us on a tour of Oklahoma City. We drove to a local lake (Lake Hefner). We checked out the lake and watched the kite boarders. They were having a great time playing with the wind. It was a lot of fun watching them too.
We left there and drove to Camping World. We walked through the store and looked at all the latest gadgets.

Donna drove us to the Oklahoma Memorial. I’ve been so looking forward to this visit. The memorial is beautiful and the feeling is peaceful. I took tons of pictures and we walked around the site for quite a while.

From the Memorial we drove through Brick town. Brick town is a very neat area loaded with old buildings that have been refurbished and house lots of restaurants, comedy clubs, bars and stores. They have a river walk with water taxis.

We stopped into a Mexican food restaurant  (Chelino's) for dinner. What a great dinner we had. The waitress brought out a big bowl of chips with fresh salsa and cheese dip. We all ordered fajitas. What a great meal. The food was really good and we all stuffed ourselves. But wait! The waitress returned with hot sopapillas for everyone. I had to waddle out when it was time to leave.
We had a great day and are so thankful to our friends Beccy and Donna for taking time out to chauffer us around Oklahoma City.

Thanks Beccy and Donna for a really wonderful day.