Saturday, September 3, 2011

Taking Care of Business

We’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had time to post. We left Daingerfield state park on Saturday morning and drove back to Rockwall to spend a few days in the driveway of our old house. We had some business matters we needed to take care before we returned to the state of Oklahoma.

We thought four days would be enough time to take care of everything we needed to do. The four days was long enough as long as we went full throttle from sun up to sun down, which we did. We did get everything done and left Rockwall Wednesday afternoon.

We met up with my son on the highway in route to Lake Texoma. (He and his girlfriend are moving from California to Maine). They called us when they arrived in our general area and we agreed to meet up so they could follow us to our next location and spend a night with us.

 It was really great to see my son that I haven’t seen in a several months and to finally meet his girlfriend.

We pulled into to campground around four and it was 104 degrees. We had the park to ourselves. Once we got everything setup we went to a local restaurant and grabbed dinner to go and all enjoyed dinner together back at the trailer.

The kids were going to leave on Thursday morning but decided to stay an additional night. We were glad they did. We had a great time visiting with them.

On Thursday afternoon they decided they wanted to prepare dinner for us. We drove into Durant, OK and bought a few groceries. The two of them prepared a wonderful dinner in our little kitchen. The dinner was great and so was the company.  

Friday morning we said our good byes and the kids got back on the road headed for Maine.   It was really great that they were able to meet up with us and stay a couple of nights.  

Several hours after the kids left, a couple of our good friends from Texas arrived with their trailer and a few hours later a couple more friends from Oklahoma City arrived with their trailer.  

There are only four sites being occupied and three of them are us.

The reason the park is nearly empty is due to Blue Green Algae outbreak in the lake, because of the algae, there is no swimming. This has caused a few campers to cancel their reservations and so the park is ours. The alga doesn’t bother any of us because we didn’t plan on swimming anyway.

We’re really glad for the cancellations because this is a small park with thirty-one sites and the sites are very close together. These sites are a lot closer together than we prefer. If the place was full, it might feel a little closter phobic.  

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise