Monday, November 9, 2009

Chemo Treatment No. 2

This is a picture of Mom with her new hairdo. She has lost most of her hair and has decided to try her new wig. She isn't crazy about it because the color is different from her natural color but I think it looks great on her. She did get a lot of compliments today.
Today was a long day. Mom had her second chemo treatment. We arrived at the cancer center at 9:15 this morning and left at 3:00 this afternoon. We checked in and waited to be called for her pre chemo blood work after that we waited for her visit with the doctor and then we waited for the chemo treatment. The treatment itself last about three to three and half hours. We visited with a another chemo patient and her friend while getting the chemo.

She was a little light headed and had hot flashes today when chemo was over. It could be from all the sitting she did today or it could be a combination of the sitting and chemo. She went to bed early and so did I. Thank God she still has a positive attitude.