Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loosing the Hair to Chemo

I talked to Mom this morning and she said her hair is starting to fall out. She said it started falling out a few days ago but it seems larger amounts are falling out today. We have talked about it and she understands this is a part of the chemo and that it will grow back when the chemo is over and out of her system. Mom is a real trooper!

She is feeling good today and has been doing some cooking and cleaning. She said it appears she will have one good week between chemo treatments that she feels good so she is making the best of it. Monday will be treatment number 2. Her chemo treatments are every three weeks.

Having chemo treatments is very time consuming, I am not just talking about the three and half hours it takes to receive the chemo. I am talking about everything that goes along with the chemo. there are appointments each week for blood work and or shots, there are doctors appointments when the blood counts are too low or too high, there are the trips to the pharmacy for medications that needed to be filled or picked up, there are medications taken daily, there are medications taken post chemo and sometimes there is the restricted diet due to blood counts, the list goes on and on.

We are Mom's support group! We take turns in driving her to the doctor, chemo and grocery store. We sit with her while she has chemo and we talk with her doctors. We cook meals, do laundry and run errands. She has not had to go to any appointments alone.

I have over heard her bragging to people that her girls are taking very good care of her and that she is "just along for the ride