Sunday, December 13, 2009


We did catering for a few years. Dawn loves to cook. I am so grateful she loves to cook because I love to eat! We closed our catering business on September 1st this year. Catering request has been far and few and we decided it must be due to the poor economy.

We packed up and sold most of our catering supplies at the last garage sales. We had so much stuff we could have opened our own catering supply store. It didn't take long to sale most of it. We did hang on to a few chafing dishes and some of our serving trays. We kept a few items because they were expensive and or hard to find. I am telling you all this because we catered a party for a friend this weekend. This was our first catering job in months. It was a Christmas party for about seventy people. We had enough chafing dishes and trays to pull it off.

We only agreed to cater this party because it was for very good friends. Did I mention Dawn loves to cook?

The party was very nice and we received many compliments on the food. We also received a couple of request for catering. Dawn has a problem with saying "NO" when it comes to catering jobs. Looks like we have a few more to do this month!