Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RV Living, What?

We have been telling our friends and family for the past several years that we are planning to lease our house and live full time in the fifth wheel while we roamed the United States. We have gotten all kinds of responses. My Mother doesn't really want us to go but she is looking forward to being able to occasionally join us on the road! My sister thinks we are crazy, but she already thought we both had a loose screw! There are the friends that say we won't make it six months. There have been those who told us it is way too dangerous for two women to be out on the road. We have been asked why on earth we would want to live in a fifth wheel when we have a perfectly good house. We've had people tell us we could see all we need to see and a couple of months. People have questioned how we will be able to live in such close quarters. There have been a few that have even laughed in our faces.

These responses don't surprise me at all. I have come to realize some people can't think outside the box. They can’t see outside the walls they live in long enough to see there is more to explore outside of the fifty mile radius they live in.

We know people that are home bodies and can't imagine traveling for more than a week at a time and when they do travel it is well organized actives with little or no leisure time. We know people who can’t live without being surrounded by all of their possessions, many years of accumulated stuff that seems to have some sort of weird hold on them. Then there are those that are tied to a job they have worked at for twenty years and wouldn’t know what to do if they didn’t have to punch a clock every day. Sadly, there are those who have put in their twenty plus years to retire their butts to an already worn recliner for the duration.

Regardless of the responses, we still have a dream of living full time in the fifth wheel and seeing this wonderful country we live in. We plan on seeing the east and west coasts from south to north, the Rocky Mountains and the southern plains. Our plan is to follow this dream as long as we want and as long as our health holds out. We are still young and in good health, "knock on wood".

We have talked about and researched this idea for several years and it is time to get started. We are both very excited about this new chapter in our lives.