Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chemo Treatment No. 4

Today is Mom's fourth chemo treatment. This means we only have two more to go.
This morning when I arrived to pick her up she was dressed in her Christmas attire. She was wearing jeans, red blouse and  a really cute denim christmas jacket. To top off her outfit she wore a red cap that she had embellished with a santa. She was dressed for the holidays. She said she had a good week this past week and had some energy. She took full advantage of it too. She did the laundry, did some house cleaning and still had energy to do some baking. She had baked a chocolate cake for the girls in the chemo center and pecan pies for Dr. Taylor and his staff.

Today she was given a different chemo, She is now on Taxotere. She must take steriods the day before and the day after this treatment.