Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Ready

We are so excited about the upcoming new chapter of our lives that we just can’t think about anything else at this point. We happened across a great deal on a Sunbeam, queen size heated mattress pad. We are both pretty warm natured people but crawling into a cold bed is not fun for anyone. We have used the heated mattress covers in the past and just loved them. You can turn it on a few minutes before you turn in and the bed is all nice and warm. You can leave it on if you choose. We just use it to warm the bed prior to getting in.

We also found an electric heater on clearance at Northern Tools. It is a Duraflame Vent Free metal stove with realistic flame effect. It has a fan and a thermostat with heat settings from 70 degrees to 90 degrees. My Mom has one and she loves it. It is a small heater and will fit in the chair area under the desk.