Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Got the Itch

I have got the itch to hook up the fifth wheel and go somewhere. I got it really bad! There is a small problem, we have posted some things on Craig's List for sale. I guess we kinda need to be here in case anyone wants to stop by look at the stuff. We posted the Hot Tub, We need to get rid of it before we rent the house. It's an insurance thing. We have posted Dawn’s piano, her mother bought it for her when she was a small child. She doesn't play anymore. We also posted the Honda Gold Wing parts that were removed in order to make the trike conversion. My son suggested we give Craig’s List a try. He posted the items for us and an hour later we were getting calls. Maybe this is the way to sale some of this stuff!

We are going to have to take a trip somewhere this summer. I need it! Maybe when Mom is finished with her radiation she will feel like a weekend trip. Dawn and I are sitting on GO.