Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Back on Track

It is time for us to get back on track with the boxing up and throwing away STUFF. We don't have anything on the calendar for the next few weeks. This gives us plenty of time to get back to sorting and packing. We need to get our butt's in gear!

First, I am going to start by going through the remaining closets and get those cleaned out. Can you believe we have six large closets in our house? They are for the most part stuffed to the brim. We have one closet that has shelves full of old records, books and sorted other junk. I will tackle it first. We have some furniture we have to move and then I am going to paint the interior of the house, a neutral color. We need the walls to be a lighter more neutral color. You noticed I said "I was going to paint." There is a very good reason for me doing the painting. Dawn tends to get more on herself than on the walls. I love painting and she hates it. I think maybe it is best that I tackle that job alone.

We need to have a few more garage sale before I can tackle the big garage. This is our RV garage and it is full of STUFF to. We have skimmed through it a few time and placed things in the garage sale garage but, as soon as this weather cools off a bit We are going to clear it out! Yes, We are going to remove everything. If it doesn't fit in the storage room, we get rid of it.  Boy, that is so much easier said than done! We still have a lot of work ahead of us but we have made some progress. Every little bit of progress means we are that much closer to hitting the road. Yahoo!


  1. Everytime I read your blog I am reminded of just what a huge undertaking it is to clear out a house. Taking things one step at a time is a great idea.
    You are right...everytime you do something/anything it brings you one step closer to the goal. Hang in there. :-)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  2. Yep, after my trip to Alaska in '04 (while still working), I knew this fulltime lifestyle was for me! I began immediately working on downsizing. The last four months after the sale of the house was a whirlwind. But, it was all worth it. These overwhelming times will soon fade once you are on the road. :)

  3. That is the hardest part of going full time. But let me tell you. You will never miss all that STUFF. It is actually quite freeing :)

    You Go Gyrls!


  4. We have been getting rid of stuff for two years and they are right...its the hardest part for my wife...not me. :>) I could live with what I carry on my back. We will be workcampers also, so if you need any info, I got tons of links.
    wayne and maureen