Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Now we are getting serious! Our house is a danger zone right now, but that is a sign of progress. We have pulled out boxes that are now setting all over the dinning room. We have been very busy sorting and throwing out. We are doing some serious purging!

We are removing pictures from the walls and boxing up the odds and ins we are keeping. My hobby is photography and we have some of my photos framed and hanging on the walls throughout the house. I have decided to ask my family if they want any of the photos. What they don't want I will put in the garage sale.

We have stacks of LP record albums. I'm not sure if we can sell them or not. We laugh as we see things that remind us of our childhood. We found an eight-track tape. Not sure whats on it cause the label was so faded. We have found lots of cassette tapes too.

I discovered a few more boxes of family pictures, jewelery and recipes. Dawn's job is to sort through all this during the day while I am at work. Her mother had a lot of costume jewelery. We have decided we will take some of the questionable jewelery to a local jewelery store to see if it worth anything. We are trying to find out if any of it is real gold. Dawn loves to cook and so did her mother, so we have tons of recipes. Dawn has gone through boxes of pictures with people she didn't recognize. I think we will be taking a load to the dumpster this week!

We are planning another garage sale as soon as the weather cools down. This garage sale will have a lot of new merchandise. That should make our regular customer happy!