Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Sofa and Selling STUFF

We are so excited to announce the new sofa came today. The store called us to pick it up. Dawn had the utility trailer hooked up to the truck when I got home. We drove to Garland and picked up the sofa. Dawn is worried that we won’t be able to get it into the trailer. I told her “where there is a will, there is a way”! We had to put the sofa in the house for now because the trailer is in the garage. Maybe this weekend we can pull the trailer out and put the sofa in.

Again, Dawn, said she loves the new sofa, and she really hopes we can get it in the trailer!!! I just keep telling her, No Worries! If it won’t fit through the door, I’ll just cut a hole in the roof!!! That's not what she wanted to hear. I feel pretty confident it will fit through the door. Maybe I’ll just cut the sofa in half!! I don’t know why she worries so much!? Just kidding! I wouldn’t cut a hole in the roof or cut the sofa in half. It’ll work out fine.

We had a lot of calls and emails from our craigslist ads yesterday. Within the first hour we sold one of the large curio cabinets and the lady said she might take the other too. Wow, that was fast! We have a lot more we can place ads for. We have decided to only place a few items at a time to keep the amount of calls down. We have added photos and measurements with each item and we think that helps to sell things faster.

We are making more progress!!!!!!!