Thursday, August 5, 2010

On a Roll

We are on a roll. We visited our local Lowe's Hardware yesterday and low and behold they were stocking. That means they had a lot of small boxes that were heading for the compactor. I asked if we could have some of the boxes and they told us to help ourselves. We did! We had a buggy full of small boxes in no time. This is very exciting for me. We now have small boxes to pack expensive china in.

Dawn has decided she wants to keep both sets of her mother's china. We want to pack the china in small boxes and then place the small boxes into plastic totes. This is a preventive way to keep down the possibility of damaging the china when it's moved.

As soon as we got home we started packing the china in the small boxes. The small boxes really worked out great. The boxes are not to heavy and we stuffed them full of shredded paper. We now have all the china boxed and put into our make shift storage area. We are currently using a spare walk-in closet as a storage room.

As soon as my son moves his STUFF out we will be using that bedroom for a storage area too. It is the smallest of the three bedroom. We want to make sure that everything we are keeping will fit into an area no larger than 10x12. We think we can stack it to the ceiling!!!!!