Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Kitchen Sink and Faucet

We need to pull the trailer out and install our new kitchen sink and faucet. We currently have a stainless steel sink that is a bowl and a half. We are not sure what purpose the half bowl serves. It is way too small to be of any use to us. We found a great deal at Lowes, a double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink for seventeen dollars. That is a real bargain. We will have to cut into our counter top since this one is larger than our exisiting sink. 

Dawn wanted a veggie sprayer too. We found a kitchen faucet on sale for eighty-eight dollars. It is a Price Pfister brand and it happens to be a brushed nickel finish which is the finish we have on all our other fixtures in the fifth wheel.

Good thing I have friends in the plumbing business, I might need a little help installing this. But I will give it my best shot before I make a call for help!

We spent the evening packing up the crystal that is in two large glass curio cabinets. When I say large, I mean they are approximately three foot wide and six foot tall. We have two of them that sit side by side. They are full of crystal that Dawn plans on keeping.

We are going to sell the curio cabinets so we decided to pack the crystal now. When we were finished, we had ten boxes of packed crystal. Wow, glad that is over. It is nerve wracking trying to get that stuff wrapped and finding boxes it will fit into snuggly.

We finally are getting a break in the weather and it has cooled down to ninety-seven degrees. It is cloudy and we did get a small amount of rain. Maybe we will see some cooler weather so we can get back to having our weekend garage sales. The garage is busting at the sems with STUFF that needs to be sold.