Monday, August 9, 2010

Ceiling Scraping

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we loaded a few more boxes, cleaned house and did some laundry. We also ran errands.

Sunday we took a friend out for her birthday. We ate at our favorite local seafood restaurant and stuffed ourselves with crab legs. Wow, It sure was good!

We decided awhile back that we needed to remove the popcorn texture from the ceilings. We only have two bedrooms and a bathroom that have it. Those rooms were not a part of the remodel. We understand that no one likes that type of texture anymore. We don’t either!

We know that it is another one of those things on out to-do list that has to be done before we place the house on the market.

When we got home Sunday afternoon I decided I was up to the task, I changed my clothes and scrapped the popcorn texture from my bedroom ceiling. Where do I get these hare-brained ideas? It wasn’t that bad; I sprayed a little vinegar and water solution on it and scraped it off. It took me a few hours to scrap the ceiling and a few more to clean up the mess. What a difference that makes! That type of texture makes the ceilings appear shorter. I guess it is because the ceiling looks so heavy with all that texture on it.

It will sure be a lot easier to paint now. Anyway, I will rest up and take on the other bedroom and bathroom later in the week. I need to let my arms and shoulders recover first!