Monday, August 30, 2010

Boring Weekend

This weekend we did some odd and in things around the house. I spent some time scraping the ceiling in the spare bedroom. I didn’t get finished but I did half of it scraped. Took some pictures of some furniture we are going to place of craigslist.

We trimmed Abbey our little Shih Tzu. She hates to be trimmed but it is one of those things that have to be done. She loves to run with the boys outside and get all dirty but like any other kid she doesn’t want to get a bath or a hair cut!

We did the usual weekend stuff such as laundry and grocery store run. We tried to mow the yard but the belt on the mower is broken. I will miss mowing. It is relaxing to hop on the mower and mow our two acres. The weed trimming, I will not miss. What, am I talking about! I don’t really trim. Dawn does the trimming because she has a nice gas powered trimmer. My back just doesn’t allow me to do the trimming thing. The yard really doesn’t need to be mowed anyway. It has been so hot here the grass is just about dead. Somehow the weeds seem to be surviving the heat just fine.

This is our almost dead back yard

The weather is starting to cool down some. This is really great news for us. We have so many things to do outside and have been waiting for some cooler weather.

Anyway, I placed some ads on craigslist and an hour later the calls started for two of the three curio cabinets we have listed. If these people come through, we will have them sold and out of here tomorrow!