Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a Week

What a week! Dawn left on Sunday June 27th to assist her sister at the Baylor Hospital of Dallas Transplant Center. Her sister is being evaluated so that she can be placed on a liver transplant list. They stayed all week at Twice Blessed House. It is an apartment complex provided for transplant patients that live more than fifty miles from the transplant center. They checked in on Sunday and was given their schedule for the week. They had at least three appointments per day. They had to meet with dietitians, social workers, councilors, radiologist, cardiologist, transplant doctors and nurses. Dawn's sister had to have blood work, MRI, CT scan, mammogram and a few other test. It was a busy week for them and it was very over whelming. They didn't finish up until friday afternoon.

Dawn was exhausted when she got home. Not only did they have to run all over Baylor Hospital to make one appointment after another during the day but their apartment was located right across the street from a busy fire station and the air ambulance landing site. They didn't get a lot of sleep while they were there.

When Dawn got home we unloaded the car and went to the grocery store. We ran through the store, went home put away the groceries, changed clothes and went to the funeral home. (my great aunt died on Wednesday).

We got up on saturday morning and went to the funeral, came home loaded the car with food and went to visit friends in from Canada, Michigan and Illinois. We had a nice lunch and a great visit and then went home.

Sunday I mowed most of the yard, trimmed a dog and made homemade ice cream. Dawn did laundry, finished unpacking and spent time with her four legged kids who had really missed her. Sunday evening I took a car load of young cousins to watch fire works.

Monday Dawn finished up the mowing in the morning and we spent the afternoon relaxing finally!