Monday, June 28, 2010

Bug, Bugs and More Bugs

Last week was a busy week. We are still packing up STUFF. Some for garage sale, some for charity and some for dumpster. We noticed that we are finding more and more bugs indoors lately. Really large bugs!

We have never had a bug problem until we started boxing up STUFF. I think they must have gotten a free ride into the house from some of those boxes we brought home for packing. We decided that we need to kill these huge ugly things before they completely take over the place. On Friday night we made the decision to get up extra early on Saturday morning so we could set off some bug bombs. No, we are not blowing up the house!

Anyway, we started at five thirty in the morning. We wanted to get it done early before the heat became too bearable. We got all our four legged kids outside the door and I went back in to be the assassin! I set off four of the bug bombs and ran out the door. Dawn and I both took a weed eater in hand and took off to trim the yard. We live on two acres. We have to trim along fences, around trees and driveways. We both trimmed for about two hours before it became too hot. We sat on the patio and waited for our four hour time limit to be up. The instructions said we have to wait four hours before re-entry. Well I am an impatient kind of person, so I went back in after only three hours. Man! Oh Man! Dead Bugs Galore!!!!! I first opened the windows and then proceeded to sweep and mop the floors and wipe down counters. We wanted to make sure we removed the poison before letting the kids back in. Well needless to say, we worked all afternoon getting the house back in order. We washed dishes, pots and pans. Finally somewhere around two-thirty we were finished and both sat down for a break. An hour later I woke up on the sofa to find Dawn asleep in her recliner.

We treated ourselves to dinner at our favorite Mexican food restaurant and went home to crash on the sofa again!