Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Must Haves for Outdoor Living

Doing some more research on items we will need for the fulltiming life. We have a First Up Canopy. We bought this canopy at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago and love it. We decided after camping at few places that had absolutely no shade that it might be a good investment. We have also camped at places that had plenty of shade and a lot of birds. We all know what birds over our heads can produce! So we have used our canopy a lot. It came in a nifty carry case with wheels on one end. It is easy to put up. I have been known to put it up and take it down by myself. Of course, it takes a little longer but it can be done. We also bought the wind curtains, bug screen and rope lights too. This way we are ready for sun, bugs, wind and anything eles that comes our way!

We do a lot of our cooking outdoors. We think the food taste better! It’s also just more relaxing to cook outdoors. We bought a stainless steel 2 burner propane cook stove and a camp kitchen at Cabela’s.

We have enjoyed having the camping kitchen. We set it up near our outdoor table and it holds everything we need to cook outdoors.