Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Hot Outside

The weatherman is predicting temperatures at 100 this weekend! We haven’t had any measurable rain in almost a month. Summer in Texas can be pretty harsh!

I made an executive decision that we will not be having a garage sale this weekend! It is too hot and there is plenty around the house for us to do that does not involve being cooked alive in the outdoors.

We are still boxing up STUFF and restocking the garage for the next sell. I know people are wondering why we don’t just set everything out at once. Well, we have so much STUFF that it would be a lot of work to put it all out at once and we would have to do it the night before. We live on a busy state hwy and don’t want to invite any night time shoppers! We also live on a hill and the wind blow almost nonstop.

We might do something FUN this weekend! I don’t know what it might be but you never know about us!