Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy! Busy!

We have been spending evenings boxing up things that we plan on storing for future use. We have a lot of STUFF and we are in the process of thinning it out a bite. We try to spend a few hours each evening boxing up what we can.

Dawn has been experiencing cluster headaches again and has several of them a day. They last anywhere from a couple of minutes to twenty minutes at a time. She is physically and emotionally drained after each one. It has been hard for her to get finished with anything because she will develop a headache and will be down for the count. I am doing my best to take up the slack, but sometimes I just get lazy!

We also have a lot going on right now. We have boxes and bags of shredded paper sitting all over the house. Then our kitchen sink decided to stop up. We have been fighting that for a few days. We are lucky enough to have a couple of friend who happen to be plumbers. But we hate to ask them because they won’t charge us for their services and we hate to ask for help from people on their leisure time. But we did have to finally ask for help because the plunger was not fixing the problem! We have had one of the plumber friends over every night for the past few nights and still have a stopped up sink. Dawn has been practicing on her boondocking dish washing technique. Today we had a crew of plumbers working on it. Hopefully we are back to washing dishes in the kitchen.

Dawn’s sister is going thru the process of being placed on a liver transplant list and Dawn is trying to help her sister out whenever she can. There is a lot involved and it is a time consuming ordeal just getting placed on a transplant list. They have doctor’s appointments, test and evaluations. They have appointments with social workers and financial services people prior to the transplant. So needless to say, they are going to be very busy for the next few weeks.

And did I mention, we are hosting a wedding shower for my niece next month and have started preparing for that. She will be getting married August 22nd and I am also the wedding photographer?