Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Weather and Garage Sales

Wow, it was a Hot Weekend!

On Friday night I spent several hours out in the garage restocking the STUFF. I was setting out new STUFF in preparation for a garage sale on Saturday. We really are starting to make progress and I want to keep up the momentum. We debated whether or not to even bother since this was Memorial Day weekend. We weren’t too sure how well a garage sale would do on a holiday weekend but we thought it might be worth a try. I placed fans in several areas of the garage to help keep our customers cool.

Well, I am glad to announce, it was worth it. On Saturday we sold some more STUFF. We didn’t open until nine and we closed about two-thirty. We have tried opening earlier but no one shows up until about nine. We were surprised how many people stopped by and shopped in this heat on a holiday weekend. We had a few that stopped in, looked and left. But for the most part everyone else bought something. We sold Dawn’s Madame Alexander Dolls to our first customer of the day. Dawn has had them for over forty years. Even though they have been in boxes in the top of a closet she is still sad to see them go! We sold a many pieces of the Franciscan apple dinnerware to a good friend and we sold a lot of odds and ends too. Dawn was multi-tasking, she was also smoking brisket and pork butt while we were having the garage sale.

At two-thirty we closed up and went in to cool down. We were so tried from the garage sale and the heat.

We are both looking forward to our lives as fulltiming RVers. We look forward to moving to cooler areas for the summer and warmer areas in the winter. We are both from Texas and neither of us can stand the Texas summers. The older we get, the harder it is to suffer the heat and humidity here in Texas in the summer. Dawn was saying on Saturday how she wished she could have back one of the snows day we had last January!

On Sunday we did chores around the house and on Monday we went to Frisco and and did some exploring. Nice town.