Friday, November 12, 2010

Farewell Forties

We have had a busy week so far. We made two visits to the dumpster this week. Wow! I feel so much better getting rid of that trash. Last night I cleaned off the patio. It’s somehow became a dumping ground. We’ve been just piling stuff up in the middle of the patio for the last few weeks and it was a mess. It looks much better now.

Today I am taking the day off. I have a temp scheduled around noon. I tell my hair dresser I want a temp and she laughs and says you mean a perm. No, I have never had a perm. If I had a permanent I wouldn’t need to come back. So, my thinking is if it isn’t permanent it must be temporary! I just need a temp.

Dawn has big dinner plans scheduled for us to celebrate the last day of my forties. Saturday will be the big 50! What, that can’t be true. I don’t feel any older. I still look like I did when I was twenty. NOT. When I was twenty I had a twenty-six inch waist and weighed around one hundred pounds.

OMG! What have I done to myself?

I now have a much larger waist. The truth be told, it’s not just my waist, I have blossomed all over. Good Lord, I haven’t looked twenty since, well, since I was twenty.

I now have to wear glasses to see and have arthritis in my hands. My memory is nothing like it used to be. I can remember faces but not names, oh well, what’s in a name!

Gray hair doesn’t bother me. It is the lack of hair that is the problem. Going to bed at nine o’clock! There was a time when I was going out at that hour.

Enough is enough, I’m starting to get depressed.

All kidding aside, I don’t feel fifty. Mentally I am still just a goofy kid and plan to stay that way.

"Better to be over the hill than burried under it"


  1. Just knowing you on your sound like a very fun, loving and good person..Who the Hell cares how "old" we are?? "Old", I have FINALLY just a state of mind! Happy Alive Day!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hate to tell you this but it does not get any better. Why they call in the Golden Years, I do not know. Someone must have a odd sense of humor.

    I find the best way to deal with advancing years is to just ignore it. :)

  3. so true!..enjoy your birthday weekend!! and your 'temp'

  4. You have said it in a nutshell. My sentiments actally.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Happy Birthday!! A pretty good description of getting older!!

  6. Love the comment about the "temp" how true!

  7. Happy Birthday! I have now outlived my mother (who died at 62) and I still feel much younger and more active than she was then. We aren't our parents....LOL!

  8. Its the golden years because you have more to value! I can remember the copper years very well :>)

  9. Funny isn't seems that who I see within my own mind is definitely not the same person who looks back at me in a mirror or a photo. The chicken skin has begun everywhere...the grey hair is everywhere...the bones ache everywhere...but as everyday passes, we are everywhere, clicking off another dream achieved. Life is Grand!

    Happy birthday, Kimberly just celebrated her 53rd and Jerry will be turning 53 in December. Forget the 20's, they were good while they lasted but now life has so much more in store for us.

  10. By the time we hit fifty, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found out that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but never ourselves.

    Enjoy! Happy Birthday!


  11. I love the temp vs perm debate. I never thought of it that way but you're so right. If they don't last how can they possibly be a perm? I quit getting them for that very reason. Your statement made me laugh. Thanks.


  12. Every year lived makes you that much more valuable. Have a Happy, happy birthday. The best is yet to come.

  13. Make the very most of every day, you only get one chance at it, and the only regret you will have is that you did not do it when you could. Happy Birthday, welcome to a whole new age.

  14. Just started reading your blog and it make me chuckle :) Hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday! That birthday was my all time favorite for many reasons. We're not getting older, we're becoming more liberated :)
    Keep writing. You're very good at it.