Monday, November 1, 2010

Productive Weekend

We had a busy weekend. Friday night we had dinner at our favorite Mexican food restaurant with my brother, sister-in-law and cousin. I haven't seen this cousin in years.We had a great visit and the food was pretty good too.

Saturday morning we were up before the sun. We setup everything for the garage sale. It was cold when we got started but the weather warmed up to a comfortable seventy degrees by noon. We were busy all day and managed to get rid of a lot of STUFF. We have tons of christmas decorations. Well, we had tons. we sold a lot at this garage sale. It looks like we only have a few more garages to go! After the garage sale we treated ourselves to dinner at Cotton Patch.

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and ran errands. We spend the afternoon putting the pet barrier in the truck and trying to devise a raised platform for the little guys so they can see out of the windows. We came up with an idea we think might work. With the back seat laid down, we placed five plastic totes with lids from door to door. They all fit nice and snug. We then covered the tops of the totes with a twin comforter (This will be replaced with doggy beds when we get ready to hit the road). This raises the little guys up to window level so they can see out. This will also provide us with some organized storage in the truck. We plan to carry a gallon of drinking water, doggy water bowls, flash lights, road side emergency kit and a few other odds and ins.

When we finished getting it set up we loaded the kids up and took them for a ride. We wanted to and see how well they like it. There was a little whining at first. Willey is used to riding on the dash of the motorhome so he is always the first to arrive at our location! He loves to travel. He always starts crying when we pull out the fifth wheel. Otis has been with us since he was six months old and doesn’t have much experience riding in a vehicle. He doesn’t really seem to mind as long as his brother and sister are with him. Abbey thinks she should be in my lap. After about ten minutes the whining stopped and everyone seemed happy. We drove them around for about a half hour. When we got home everyone was fine except Abbey. She ran to the other side of the truck. She wanted to stay. She must have traveled in her past life before she came to live with us. She was abandon so we don’t have any history on her.

We plan to take them riding often now that the weather has cooled down. We want them to get used to riding in their own area of the truck.

We don't live in a regular neighborhood so we didn’t have any trick or treats come by. That’s O.K because I would have eaten the candy anyway.

We put another mattress out with the garbage. We only have two more to go! We know the garbage man is not happy with us right now. Last week when they stopped in front of our house and had to load another mattress they were looking towards the house as if to say, enough is enough.

Today the garbage man will feel better about stopping in front of our house. Someone has already stopped and grabbed the mattress. Dawn saw a man pull into our driveway and load it into a truck and drive off. LOL! Now everyone is happy.

Just a note to clarify the information we posted earlier about the netbook we purchased. This is not our only laptop. We’ll be replacing our existing laptop when we hit the road. The netbook will be used as a backup laptop. We decided to get it because it was a really good deal. We thought it would be a great laptop to carry with us as an extra because it is compact. It’ll be easy to store in the truck. We just added it to our current contract. We have been Verizon customer for many years and love the service they provide.