Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Half a Century ?

O.K this is it! I have reached the end of my forties! As of Saturday I will be officially a half century old.

Let’s see, in the first part of this half century I’ve seen a few changes like, I remember back through the past forty years and think of things that aren’t around anymore like block ice, freezers had to defrosted, Cloth diapers, glass baby bottles, swamp coolers instead of A/C Units, black and white TV’s, TV’s didn’t have remotes, cola in glass bottles, selling glass bottles for a nickel, manual type writers, hand pull adding machines, manual can openers, beer can openers, oil can openers, filling station attendants, carbon paper, 8 track players, record players, pay phones in phone booths, station wagons, Goodtime Vans, Disco music, Metal roller skates with a key, Metal lunch boxes, Pet Rocks, Mood Rings, Rubik’s Cube, Roller Blades, Lava Lamps, Streaking, Earth Shoes, Clogs, Leisure Suits, Platform Shoes, Troll Dolls, Mini Skirts, Bell Bottoms, Hot Pants, String Bikini, Go-Go Boots, Rabbit Coats, Hippies, Cabbage Patch, Hip Huggers, Beanie Babies, Drive-In Theaters, Muscle Cars, Tie-Die, Shag Carpet, TV & Stereo Consoles the list goes on and on.

Wow! That was a real trip down memory lane for me. LOL! I look forward to having many more birthdays and looking back down memory lane with each one of them.

The old saying is right, “ The older you get, the faster it goes”. I’ve got to get up and moving so we can hit the road soon.