Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Wireless LED Lights

Dawn bought me some really neat wireless lights for my birthday. Two wireless motion sensor LED entry lights and a pack of three wireless LED spotlights with remote control. They also have a dimmer on them. She bought them at Costco. We just love that store.

The entry door of our fifth wheel doesn’t have a light above or beside it. The light is located towards the front of the trailer. When you open the door it blocks the light. Instead of mounting a light on the exterior we are going to try using the wireless motion sensor light. It is light weight and we can use Velcro to mount it. We plan on mounting it next to the door so that we will get the full benefit of the light. The neat thing about them is that they are battery operated and will detect motion within twenty-five feet in the dark. They do not come on in the daylight hours. They will go off automatically after twenty seconds of non motion. They are bright and rotate ninety degrees. They sell for $9.99 each and come with batteries. It has a one year warranty.

The wireless spotlights are nice in case the power goes off. They are also very bright. They have adjustable directional swivel and pivot heads. You can direct the light in any direction. We are going to place one of them near the stairs in the fifth wheel. It will be nice to have a beam of light shining on the stairs in the middle of the night. They sell for $19.99 per package and batteries are included. It has a 2 year warranty.

Can’t wait to pull the fifth wheel out this weekend and get the lights installed.