Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Weekend Gone

We had another garage sale on Sunday and sold a lot more STUFF. We’re really getting down to the end of it. We’re planning on making another dumpster visit this week as well. The dumpster is dumped only once a week so we are limited to about a truck bed amount at a time. Not complaining because it is FREE. A very good friend of ours lets use dump stuff without any charge.

We came in late last night so we didn’t get a mattress pulled out for the garbage man. I know he will be disappointed. LOL! He’ll just have to wait until next week. We have two left.

Sunday morning Dawn and I got up early. We left out with our loaded picnic basket and took a road trip. We just needed a day to relax and enjoy the weather.

First on the agenda was having breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The second was to drive to Dangerfield state park and check on their renovation progress. The weather was beautiful and the drive was really nice. We were really disappointed to find the park was closed even for day use.

We decided just to head back towards home but taking a different route back. We stopped by Bob Sandlin State Park on our way back. It is a nice state park but doesn’t appear to be a very good place for large RV camping. The pads were short. We noticed a couple of motorhomes but they were short. We only saw a couple of sites that would accommodate our truck and fifth wheel. We drove through the day use area and found us a picnic table near the water. We had a nice picnic and enjoyed the great weather.

On our way back we stopped off in Sulphur Springs at the outlet mall. I bought a shirt for ninety-eight cents. That’s right, a button up khaki shirt for ninety-eight cents. I love a good bargain!

We left the outlet mall and got back on the highway and decided to stop in Greenville for dinner at Red Lobster. We stuffed ourselves. While there I received a phone call that my son had been taking by ambulance to a hospital near our home. We paid for our meal and hit the highway again.

We arrived at the hospital about forty-five minutes later. We went to the emergency waiting room and told the man at the desk that we were there to see my son that was brought in by ambulance. He asked my sons name. I told him and he said there was no one there by that name. We decide he must have been taken to the other local hospital. Before we could get in the car my phone rang. It was my cousin in Colorado. She said her grandson who was with my son when the ambulance was there told her they were taking him to the hospital where we were. While I was talking to her, Dawn decided to call my sons phone to see if anyone would answer. Well, my son answered. He confirmed that he was in the emergency room of the hospital where we were. Dawn and I went back in and told the gentleman at the desk that we had just talked with my son on the phone and that he was indeed in their emergency room. The man than asked for his date of birth. When we gave it to him he asked if he went by any other names. I gave his full name and the man looked at us kind of funny and said for us to come on back. The problem was the paramedic only listed my son’s first and middle name on the paperwork and the hospital thought his middle name was his last and that’s how they had him listed.

To make a long story short, he was having some chest pain and breathing difficulty and that is why the ambulance was called. They ran a few tests on him and he was given some medication to help with his breathing and was released a few hours later.

We took him home with us. It was late before anyone got to bed.