Monday, November 22, 2010

Homemade Tex-Mex & Friends

We decided Friday afternoon that neither of us really felt like dealing with a garage sale this weekend. So instead I cleaned house and did laundry while Dawn cooked most of the day. We invited friends over for Sunday Tex-Mex buffet.

Dawn was in the kitchen with the oven on and the stove top burners loaded with pots of good stuff. The entire house was filled with the aroma of homemade Tex-Mex cooking. She was truly in her element. She was making beef enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, taco beef, chocolate crunch dessert, egg custard pie and Ritz cracker pie. She also made chicken spaghetti. Wow, it sure smelled good.

On Sunday our friends arrived about noon. We all prepared our plates with plenty of spicy homemade goodness. It was a wonderful mean and I do believe everyone had seconds!

We watched some Sunday football and played a little Wii golf before our company went home. Dawn made sure everyone brought their plastic bowls so that could load up on leftovers to take home.

We can’t have a frig full of Tex-Mex when Dawn is ready to prepare the Thanksgiving feast! We won’t have a lot of people show up for Thanksgiving because our family is small but we will have a lot of food!!

The smaller the family, the more room to stretch out after over stuffing your gut! I'm really not sure why I always manage to gain weight this time of year.

The weather is warm and very windy. Apparently that is going to change on Thanksgiving day. The last report was highs in the forties and lows in the twenties with the possibility of rain.

We do want to wish everyone a "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" and if your on the road TRAVEL SAFE


  1. That Tex-mex sounds great...everybody on the blogs is talking about food today! Must be the season..happy turkey day to you and yours

  2. Sounds like Sunday was just a pre-Thanksgiving day for you. The food choices sound wonderful, especially the chicken spaghetti. Happy Thanksgiving back at ya.


  3. Those enchiladas and tacos made my mouth water. I'll bet all your friends were happy to go home with leftovers - I know I would have been!

  4. we need 'smell-a-blog'..dinner sounds delicious!!

  5. I'm hoping the cooler temps will knock out some of the mosquitoes down here at Anahuac! Happy Turkey Day to you too, :)

  6. The Tex-Mex sounds wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  7. All the food is making me hungry. Sounds delicious and we are happy to hear everyone enjoyed themselves.

    It's always nice to get together with friends.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey