Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's the Holiday Season Again

I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.

Where has the time gone? It’s already time to get busy for the holiday season! Our calendar is full for the next few weeks.

Saturday we are planning a garage sale, weather permitting. We have a lot of Christmas décor that someone might have a need for!

Sunday we have friends coming over for homemade Mexican buffet.

Monday getting things done around the house before family arrives for Thanksgiving feast.

Tuesday more preparing the house for family before Thanksgiving feast.

Wednesday, cook all day for Thanksgiving feast

Thursday, eat and eat. Take a nap and eat some more!!!!

Friday, hang-over recovery from eating too much Thanksgiving feast.

This will be the last Thanksgiving at our house. We usually host Thanksgiving (when we are in town) and Christmas at our house.

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in a different place each year. We have decided what we will do about Christmas yet. We’ll have to play that by ear.

The weather here in North Texas has begun to get cooler and the leaves are dropping from the trees which means I had to clean the gutters on the back of the house. We have a few large pecan trees in our back yard.

We love having the pecans but our gutters don’t. Dawn held the ladder while I climbed up and cleaned out the gutters. It is a nasty job! It didn’t take long but that is just one of many times we’ll have to do that before the trees are bare. We have learned a valuable lesson here. Don’t plant trees that close to the house.

We didn’t plant these trees. Dawn’s parents did and they weren’t that close to the house until we extended the patio.


  1. You have a lovely home...I am planning on a few days of prep for the Turkey feast too. ..thought I was going to dodge that bullet, but here we are, so I'm getting my roaster ready!!! Good luck on your garage sale!

  2. You have a nice looking house. The shade from the trees looks like it might come in handy in the summer. Good luck on your garage sale, if you're able to hold it.


  3. Last Thanksgiving in the house-that is a big one. On the road it may be different. Last year we sort of forgot Thanksgiving and could not understand why we could not get a reservation in Charleston county park from a Nov Thursday on-yup it was a big Thanksgiving weekend at the park and all the sites were taken.

  4. At one of our house we had walnut trees and they are so messy, had to clean the gutters every couple months. That was a job John didn't miss when we moved to a new house. No trees anywhere near that house. :) Now no gutters! We do have to clean the top of the slides when we are under trees though, but it is so much easier!

  5. Enjoy the holidays and don't eat too much :).

    Just think next year you wouldn't be cleaning the gutters.

    Kevin and Ruth