Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just Thoughts

The weather here in north Texas is cool and rainy today. It makes for a great napping day.

Yesterday I placed a couple of ads on Craigslist for some old Barbie’s. Dawn had from her childhood and for Honda Goldwing parts that was taken off her Goldwing when they did the trike conversion. Well, I am proud to announce that today I removed the ads because both items sold this morning. More Progress!

We only have two more mattresses to sit out for the garbage and need to have a couple of more garage sales. WOW! We are getting there!

My plan was to start moving the packed boxes from the spare bedroom to the RV garage this week. Looks like I might have to wait for a couple of days due to the weather. I guess I’ll just be a lounge lizard instead!

Recently I keep having this reoccurring thought about how we’ll someday be living our fulltiming dream. These thoughts of how we’ll be exploring new places and seeing new sights. When I’m having those thoughts I feel a big happy smile on my face.

We have got to hurry up and hit the road. Next week I’ll be advancing to the BIG 50. That’s right. We’ve to get this show on the road while we are still young enough to enjoy it. Good Lord, last week I had to get new glasses. I’ve now advanced to bifocals! What’ll be next?

All kidding aside, I believe we’re at the right age to start this kind of lifestyle. We’re mentally still young enough to have a good time (I really don’t see that changing anytime soon) and mature enough have some life experiences under our belts and we’ve both managed to be lucky enough to have been blessed with some good old common sense. Now with that said, I have to also explain that we don’t really ever let anything get us down. We laugh at our mistakes and cry at our misfortune but, we always overcome and end up stronger because of it.


  1. Great that your making progress every day. That's what keeps the dream alive.

  2. Chronological age doesn't have anything to do with having a good time! Glad you can get out from under at a younger age than most of us, but it's a great life for us 'older' folks too. :)

  3. Keep on smiling. You will soon be fulltiming and enjoying your dream.

  4. The 'Big 50'?? I wish! You're just a baby! You're right, it's a perfect time to start living your dream!

  5. It sounds like y'all are making great progress! To learn from your mistakes but not let them get you down is a great attitude. Keep up the good work. We'll be biting our nails in 9 months.


  6. It is great that you can start early. There are certainly enough things to see for many years ahead.

  7. I was 59 when we went full-time. Wish we had done it at 50 - would have been healthier and able to do more things. Your lists look good. You are definitely making some progress.