Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekend Plans

I wanted to thank everyone that commented on our last post (Making a List). The comments are very helpful.

This week has been a total waste as for as preparation is concerned. This is always a difficult time for me when the sun sets at six-thirty. Luckily we set our clocks back this weekend and I am hoping that will keep me from wanting to go to bed at eight every night. These shorter days drains me of my energy. I require lots of vitamin D.

Dawn seems to over the cluster headaches. It is the strangest thing. They last about three weeks and go away as suddenly as they appear. She will have many each day that last anywhere from a few minutes to thirty minutes. She said that the three week episode feel like eternity. This is her second year to have to deal with them. The doctor said they are cluster headaches that seem to be seasonal. We are just glad that they are gone for now.

We are planning a garage sale tomorrow and hope we sell a lot more STUFF. We are getting so tired of having these darn things. I did collect some boxes this week so that we can box up all the STUFF we don’t sell and take it to the local charity thrift store. Maybe they can make some money off of it.

Sunday we might take a little road trip to look at the fall colors. I need to get the camera out and charge the battery. Last year we drove to Mena, AR. It was beautiful. Lots of fall colors everywhere.


  1. Thanks for mentioning charging your camera. It reminded me to charge mine. The kids are coming tonight for the week end and I will be taking lots of pictures.

  2. I spent time with my folks camping at Queen Wilhimena State Park as a kid and then had lunch at the hotel once on a vacation trip passing through Mena. Beautiful area. Enjoy! Have a great time getting rid of STUFF! Feels good, doesn't it? So glad Dawn is through the rough patch of headaches. Very glad to hear that. Cheers to you both!

  3. Hope the fall colors are still good, as we passed thru IN, TN and GA, they are fading fast.

  4. Annie gets migraines that we suspect are cluster headaches. What does Dawn do for them?

    Man, do I hear you about the Vitamin D. My doc said that, especially in these gray climates, it's okay to take 2000 IU daily. It helps me get through a Northeastern winter.

  5. I hope your garage sale went well. Remember, I offered to let you share your expertise on garage sales up here in the Northwest in my garage!