Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dinner at 5 D Cattle Company

Dawn and I went out for dinner last night. Over the years we’ve driven through the small town of Avinger, Texas, (population 444)  many times and noticed a restaurant that always had a lot of cars and on occasion a lot of people standing outside. We’ve said we would stop in sometime and see what all the fuss was about.
The restaurant is 5 D Cattle Company and Meat Market. They serve BBQ and steaks. The BBQ is hand rubbed with a special blend of herbs and spices and then slow cooked over mesquite coals. This is the only restaurant for miles and it’s one of only four businesses in Avinger.
This is the entire downtown area

We drove to Avinger and had dinner. Let me first say the service was wonderful and the hot rolls melted in your mouth. After we looked over the menu, we both decided on the BBQ. I had the sliced brisket plate and Dawn had the rib plate.

Can I just say, “WOW” I couldn’t believe that they brought our plates to the table and they were loaded. We each were given two plates. Our meat and bowl of baked beans were on one large plate and our potato salad, pickle and peppers were on a second plate. The potato salad was the best.
Sliced Brisket Plate

Rib Plate

The brisket was tender and juicy. Dawn said her ribs were very good too. We ended up asking for to-go containers. We can’t wait to try their steaks next time. 



  1. I think I just gained a couple of pounds reading about your meal! At least it didn't cost me anything. ;c)

  2. Now I gotta look in the Atlas for Avinger, TX...I love Texas brisket...and I never met a steak I didn't like, either!!! You two sound like you are havin' a great time!! enjoy!

  3. So my question is about the potato salad. Mayo or Miracle Whip??

  4. I hope you left some BBQ, 'cause we're going to Avinger (as soon as I find out where it is!) Love posts like this!

  5. Ok now I'm hungry. Maybe we will have to head that way when we head into Texas in January.