Sunday, October 30, 2011

Productive Day

Daingerfield SP, Big Pine, Site 5
Daingerfield, Texas
Weather Condition; High 68, Low 39,

Yesterday was a productive day for us. We made a run to Mt. Pleasant to Wal-Mart. We picked up a few items we needed and a few we didn’t.

We stopped in at Chili’s for lunch. Boy that was a really good lunch.

When we got back to the fiver, I replaced a running light that was out on the truck and replace both wipers. The wipers were in really bad shape. This extra hot summer heat did a real number on the rubber blades. Next on the list is to fix the washer reservoir. It leaks. That also happened in the heat of the summer.

Today we spent going through cabinets and drawers. We took out everything we haven’t used and some things we know we won’t use. We packed stuff that we thought we might need on the road and we’ve learned we really don’t need some of the stuff we brought. We’ll be taking that stuff by storage next week.

It feels good to clear out unneeded stuff and have some extra room in the cabinets.