Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Common Cold?

Haven't posted because we've been out of commission. We caught some kind of a bug and it has kicked our butts. We've been trying to find the turn off button for the mucus factor that have set up shop in our noses. We've both been drained of all our energy and have only moved from bed to recliners for almost a week.

We did make a visit to a local minute clinic and that was a terrible waste of time. The NP told us it was just a common cold and we needed to just rest and would recover in a week or so.

I'm not a doctor, but when you ache all over and your sinus are overflowing and your ears are stopped up to the point of deafness, it seems like more than a common cold.

In four days Dawn and I have gone thru four boxes of tissue and three rolls of toilet paper. Now we need a 55 gallon drum of lotion to rub on our very raw noses.

We are planning to spend the winter in south Texas. We just haven't decided what area of south Texas.

Travel Safe Dawn and Denise