Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Not Enough Time in a Day

Daingerfield SP, Big Pine, Site 5
Daingerfield, Texas
Weather Condition; Highs 64, Lows 43, cloudy, dry

We spent a couple of weeks on our home turf. We ran lots of errands and did some visiting. Dawn’s Aunt Sella passed away on Sunday night.  She was 86 years old and was a sweet loving woman and she was also a wonderful cook.  Tuesday evening we spent at the funeral home. Wednesday was the funeral.

We’re so very grateful that we were back on our home turf. It seems the good Lord has put us in the right place at the right time.
Thursday afternoon we met a friend for lunch and then I had a dentist appointment after that. I had an upper tooth break in half a few weeks ago. The entire back of it broke off. It hasn’t really bothered me until a few days ago. The dentist said it has turned into an abscess. I am now on antibiotics for a week or so and will see the dentist the first of November.

Friday we spent at the hospital. My little brother had gallbladder surgery. His wife was out of town and his daughter is in college. His daughter came in Friday evening. That meant Dawn and I played nurse until Sunday. His surgery went fine and he was a very good patient. Dawn cooked and I did laundry while we baby sat my brother.

Sunday morning we loaded up everything and hooked up our little home and drove to Daingerfield SP.

We left Rockwall about 11:30 and arrived safe and sound at Daingerfield about 2:30.

This park was packed when we got here. We ended up with a site we’re not crazy about but it will do. We are moving to a better site on Thursday.

Also the manager from the Rockport CG called and said she had a cancellation on a premium site and asked if we were interested. Heck Ya. That is great news for us.