Saturday, October 8, 2011

Winter Reservations Worries

Lake Lavon, Lavonia COE Park, Site 43
Wylie, Texas
Highs 85, Lows 72 Cloudy, Windy and Dry

We have been trying to make reservations in Rockport, Texas for the past week. The problem we are running into is the park is either already booked for the winter or no one answers the phone or returns our calls. We are getting a little frustrated. A few of the places we called have waiting list. We are 22nd on the list at one of the parks we are interested in. We are finding that snow-birds make their reservations a year in advance at these places.  It seems that once you find a park you like, you make your reservations as quickly as possible to guarantee your site for the following winter.

We’re new at this snow-birding thing and we’re definitely learning as we go!

We just want a warm place to stay this winter that isn’t a parking lot type of park. There are a lot of those types of RV parks along the coast. We’re planning to tour the east coast area this spring and staying on the coast of Texas puts us in a good position to start our gulf coast/east coast tour.



  1. I'll bet there are plenty of places to stay once you get there. We arrived in Florida middle decemberlast year and found plenty of places. The key was smaller towns...and knowing where to look.

    Check on some rv forums for suggestions.

    Or come to Florida!

  2. We are touring Mexico for the winter, but if we were to stay in Texas we would buy a Texas State Parks pass and explore all of the Texas State Parks. You could do so using very little gas over the course of the winter, and I'm sure there are parts of Texas even you have never seen.

  3. Hey, I know it's a bit more north, but we were in South Carolina in November and intended wintering over there. Not as mild as Texas, but not real severe, either. This was at Bass Lake Campground in Dillon, SC, right on I95 - a snowbird artery when migrating South or North. Bass Lake was reasonable, definitely not a parking lot, great owners and very friendly tenants - we felt like part of a family during our month's stay. It's pleasant, good facilities and a mix of permanent, long-term, short-term and overnighters. It would position you well for the East Coast next Spring. Just a thought for ya. Yes, Rockport/Fulton is booked early and heavily, as it is definitely a snowbird destination.

  4. We are headed to a park in Port O'Connor TX that is fairly new and got good reviews on rvparkreviews. Might be worth a try.

  5. I wish I had some help for you. We are going to Rockport for the winter but had heard how early it books so started working on it months ago. We had a hard time finding a spot too but that was last May. We got the last spot at our campground. We have no idea if it'll be good or bad. Whatever it is, we have it from Dec 15-March 15.
    Good luck on your search. If we hear of anything, we'll let you know.

  6. Good luck with your search for an RV Park. I hate the fact that so many RV Parks never respond to phone calls or emails.

  7. In Florida, a lot of people rent the same lot for the next year but....there are still lots of sites available every year. It just takes a little time once you arrive in an area to find something you like.

  8. I agree that you should definitely get a Texas State Park pass...We get one every year..Many times we just scooted around Texas State Parks for the winter. Falcon Lake SP is usually very balmy, Goliad is wonderful park, Canyon Lake Army Corps, and the Hill Country area is great, but not as warm as Arizona. Just "waltz" across Texas..:-)

  9. We've had that happen a couple of times - no return phone calls. Seems it is not just that RV Park managers don't return calls but lots of other businesses. One would think with today's economy they would want the business or at least the good will.

    Surely as you travel you will find something suitable. But you are probably like me, you like to know where you are headed!

  10. I'm sure you'll get a great place, you both are very resourceful. It's always nice to know where you're going, but sometimes not knowing makes the adventure more fun. Good luck!

  11. If you want to go AZ Casa Grande is very nice weather without the wind. We are staying at Fiesta Grande RV Resort... I sure that have openings... there nice park with all the things a person wants. Not sure how much for one month... it is cool for sleeping but we can still wear shorts... by afternoon you have to open a window or the door.

    Wishing you the best... Kathleen