Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Sofa Is In The Trailer!!!!

Well, We got the new sofa in the fifth wheel with no problem! We didn't have to cut a hole in the roof or remove the rear window!!! It was even easier than I had thought it would be. We had some good friends offer to help us and we took them up on it. It only took a few minutes to remove the recliners and get the sofa in. It took longer to put the legs on then it did to get it in there.

We are very pleased with the new sofa. It is comfortable and fits just right. We can now see out the two windows that the high back recliners blocked.

We are still making a few changes to the interior to get it to feel more like a home and less like a typical trailer. We are about finished.

We have ended up with somewhat of a western theme. We just thought we would do something a little different with our interior. It is now one of a kind! A friend told us that people pay big bucks to have their trailers and motorhomes redecorated. We must have saved ourselves a lot of money!!!

The best part is that we have lightened our load. The furniture we took out was heavier than the furniture we have replaced.