Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Look for Sofa

Just wanted to show you what a difference the leather treatment did for the sofa daybed. Here is a before and after picture.
This pictures shows the black frame.

This is the finished product. This finish treatment ties in better with the colors we now have.

This is a close up of what the leather treatment looks like

We also had a made some light weight wall art out of some cheap jewelery and some dollar frames. We removed the glass and used some of the left over leather and glued the earrings, neck less pendent and button covers to the frames. We think they turned out really nice and they don't weight much at all. The horse art we found in the Christmas aisle at Hobby Lobby. It is a Christmas tree ornament! We have used a lot of Christmas ornaments for decorating. People don't believe us when we tell them they are ornaments.

This wall of art work cost us about five dollars. I love a good bargain!