Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Last week was a crazy week. Our garbage disposal stopped working for no apparent reason. Dawn broke the pot to the coffee pot. We don’t drink coffee but we use it to make our tea. Our neighbor’s hot water heater went out. Dawn was cooking a feast for company on Saturday and the oven locked up and she couldn’t use it. She had to take her homemade cobbler next door to bake. Thank goodness for the neighbors!

On Friday, Dawn smoked brisket, ham and beer can chicken. Saturday she made potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, roasted corn on the cob, deviled eggs and watermelon. For dessert she made peach cobbler, chocolate pie and freezer caramel pie. I kept reminder her that there would only be six of us for dinner!

Saturday evening was spent with some good friends and enjoying some great home cooked food. Even though we all stuffed ourselves, there was plenty of food left over. Thank Goodness, Dawn is a great cook!

Sunday we pulled out the fifth wheel and with the assistance of friends removed the recliners and moved in the new sofa. The new sofa works out better and looks great. We had leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Monday we did a few things around the house and completed the curtains in the fifth wheel. Monday evening we drove to the airport to pick up a friend that has been out of town for a few weeks. We sure spend a lot of time going back and forth to the airport even though we haven’t been on any trips recently! Anyway, we picked him up stopped for dinner before going home. Dinner was good and we really enjoyed looking at all the pictures he took while in Canada, Seattle and Alaska.