Friday, September 17, 2010

Garage Sale Time

We are planning on having another garage sale tomorrow. The weather is finally cooling off a bit. Tomorrows temperatures are predicted for low nineties. It’s still hot but not as hot as it has been!

We have posted our sale on Craigslist and will work tonight to get our new inventory added to the lot. We were going to work on it last night but I had this hare-brained idea to drive into Addison and check out the Addison Oktoberfest.

We stopped off at a seafood restaurant to have fried shrimp for dinner before going to the festival. We ate fast and got out of there in a hurry. The music was so loud we couldn’t talk and the place was more a bar than a restaurant. The food wasn’t all that good either. Oh well!

We drove around the Oktoberfest area for twenty minutes looking for a place to park. We finally found a place a couple block away.

We were planning on seeing the German dancers, dog agility show and snap some pictures. We walked around for a bit and did see a few dancers. We walked through the vendor’s area and we did see a few of the agility dogs but mostly we saw a lot of beer drinkers. There were tons of people and everyone was carrying a huge stein of beer. OMG, I don’t want to be around a bunch of twenty-something’s that are drinking like it’s the last day of school. They should name this festival the beerfest!

We didn’t stay long. We should have just stayed home and worked on the garage sale stuff instead! Well, now we can say “Been There, Done That!