Monday, September 20, 2010

Exhausting Weekend

What a weekend we had. Friday night we worked on organizing the garage for the garage sale on Saturday. We worked on that until almost ten. That garage was a mess! We are having a hard time working in this humid heat.

Saturday morning we got started early. We were up at six and got busy right away. We had a lot of STUFF to pull out. The weather was terrible. It was hot and humid.

We had people show up before we put the signs out and it was a steady stream of folks in and out all day. We sold a lot of STUFF. We normally close down around two but we were so busy we were open until four. We also had several friends stop in to visit.

We were so exhausted by five and still had STUFF to put back into the garage. We went in cooled off a bit and then returned outside to finish up. We decided to get a shower and go for Mexican food for dinner. We had a nice dinner and visited with friends we ran into at the restaurant. By nine thirty I was in bed.

On Sunday morning Dawn went to the grocery store and I steam cleaned the living room carpet. I steam clean the carpet on a regular basis. We do have four legged kids that track in all kinds of dirt and grime. When Dawn got home with the groceries, I helped her put them away. She put a roast in the crock pot and we went to work on the riding mower. The belt needed to be replaced. We got the belt on and found out quickly the guy sold us the wrong one. Our yard needs to be mowed today. It really has grown a lot since the rain last week. We barrowed a couple of push mowers from a friend. While loading them into the truck, Dawn slipped and almost did the splits. She thinks she pulled a muscle. When we got home we unloaded the mowers and mowed as long as we could. Did I mention it is hot and humid here? Well, let’s just say these two old fat girls didn’t last long pushing lawn mowers! Beside I had a snake run between my feet while mowing and I HATE snakes. In an hour we had mowed all we could. We had to go in and cool off.  We live on two acres and there is NO way we could mow it with push mowers. We only mowed the small yard were our small dogs play.

The friends we barrowed the mowers from came out and mowed some for us and took the belt off our riding mower so we could return it. We then ate a quick bite of roast and had to run across town to meet a friend. I needed to take some pictures for him. We spend an hour there. We got home about eight and at nine-thirty I was ready for bed. We are both sore all over from all the work this weekend.

I am so ready for fall weather. Neither of us likes the heat.