Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Foot Leveling System

As mentioned in the past, we have owned a motorhome. We found it somewhat cramped and traded it in for our current fifth wheel. We love everything about our fifth wheel with the exception of leveling the beast. We kind of got spoiled with the leveling of the motorhome. We pulled into our site and pushed a button and the motorhome could be level in a matter of seconds. We could adjust our level from front to back or from side to side. Boy that is really the only thing I miss about the motorhome.

We have been doing some research and would like to add some kind of automatic leveling system to our fifth wheel. We have looked at Level Ease and Big Foot. The Big Foot system seems to be exactly what we need. The problem is that we don’t know anyone that has experience with them. We have checked with our forum friends and got back two responses that said they were really great to have. We noticed that Bill & Debbie (The GoodeLife) was getting some installed in the near future. But we wanted to find out if anyone out there has any experience with them and what their opinion is.

We really trust our RV blogger friends opinions.