Thursday, September 9, 2010

Severe Weather In Texas

The weather here has been crazy here in North Texas. We really needed the rain. The problem is that we didn’t need the flooding rains. We have gone all summer with hardly a drop of rain and then the rain comes but it is flash flooding rain. We have had flash flooding here since Tuesday and yesterday there were creeks out of their banks and people had to be rescued in Lewisville, Arlington and Dallas. The local fire departments were rescuing people from flooded cars and the roofs of houses. A school had to be evacuated.

Almost as soon as the flooding rains stopped the reports of multiple funnel clouds started. They were touching down in different areas. There were damages reported in five area towns.

We watched on TV as live video captured the funnel clouds touching down and then disappearing almost as quickly. One of the funnels was reported to be on the ground for ten minutes in a busy area of Dallas. It is an industrial area that had extensive damage to several buildings. A few homes had their roofs torn off.

We continued to watch the news as they reported that the severe weather with a tornado warning was posted for our area. The fifth wheel was parked in the yard behind the house and we decided we should put it in the garage. The rain had let up to a slight sprinkle. We went outside and hooked up to the truck and I began to back it into the garage when the rain started coming down so hard I couldn’t see the garage door opening I was supposed to be backing into. I put the truck in park and told Dawn we would have to leave it outside. By the time we got back into the house we were drenched. Luckily the storm pasted over us without any severe weather hitting us.

The sun suddenly appeared! We returned to the truck and put the fifth wheel in the garage. The sunshine lasted for an hour or so and then the rain started again.

We realize that we will be get into some serious weather when we are living fulltime and won’t have a garage to protect our fifth wheel. We just want to start our fulltime life without any weather related damage to the fifth wheel. With the luck we have been experincing lately we decided not to take a chance!

We did receive a real education while watching the tornados live on TV. We now know what the clouds look like when tornados begin to form. Now we know what to watch for.